Why Build with a Steel Frame Kit Home ?



Key Benefits of our steel frames

Less Maintenance: no shrinkage = no cracking of plasterboardd8818c24ef

Structural strength of steel allows for excellent spanning ability - large open living areas  can be designed and constructed with ease.

Dimensional stability - correctly installed steel frames are straight and true so they won't warp, twist, sag or shrink, minimising the chance of binding doors, sticking windows, cracked cornices or sagging and wavy rooflines.

Sustainability - you help to preserve the world's great forests and safeguard the lives of future generations. Add to this the easy installation of internal linings and fix out materials with the use of screws and nails designed specifically for this purpose.


z_warranty_01Benefits to the Homeowner

1. TERMITES - Not vulnerable to termites so homeowners enjoy far greater peace of mind
2. RECYCLABLE - Steel frame home owners are contributing to sustainability for future generations
3. LONGEVITY - Tensile strength can mean a safer structure, less deterioration and maintenance
4. SAVINGS - The appeal of extended spans, greater design flexibility & potentially less footings cost
5. SAFETY - Fire safety is increased with substantially less combustible material in the home
6. SECURITY - Screw connection strength versus nails can help protect from damage in high winds

7. STABILITY - Engineered, lightweight and designed to better withstand the elements over, Approved for both cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas.
won't warp, twist, rot or split
cannot dry out and shrink so there's no more jamming doors or windows
Frames and trusses are pre-assembled at our modern factory premises
Frames are factory-built to exact, computer generated design specifications
Delivered on-site ready to erect
Can be used with almost any building material you choose
Plasterboard linings or timber paneling and cladding are easily fitted direct to the frame
Fulfils all Australian Building Code requirements AND is available in 90mm or 70mm frame widths







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