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Why build a kit home?Question

To make significant savings on construction costs and avoid many of the problems associated with sourcing quality qualified trade contractors.

How big are the savings?

You need to make your own assessments but as a guide (and it varies from area to area) it is possible to save 30%-50% on construction costs by carrying out all the work as a do-it-yourself owner builder (subject to government regulations in your state).

Where can I obtain my finance?

At Kit Homes Queensland, we can refer you to a professional mortgage broker who can assist you with your finance needs for all aspects of your new steel frame Kit Home.

Are all the kit homes standard?

There are 30 standard homes ranging from 1 bedroom bungalows through to 5 bedroom up-market homes and acreage designs. There are single and double storey homes available. It is possible to modify these standard houses or create your own design subject to the complexity of the home.

You can see all of our designs in our Kit Home Plans.

What is supplied with each kit?

Kits can be ordered in three different stages depending on the level of finish you require. Every kit is supplied with a construction manual, plans and all the necessary materials you need to finish the home to the level of finish you have ordered. Ask the freindly consultants at Kit Homes Queensland to provide you with more information!

Is delivery included?

Transport costs vary depending on the size of the home and where in Australia it is being sent to. Be sure to check as to whether delivery is included in your Kit Home purchase.


Can I build the kit home myself?

Yes! You don't have to be a builder or a skilled labourer to build a kit home. It is designed for everyone. You can do as much as you like or as little as you like when building your home. You can be either the Builder or the Project Manager.

It is subject to completing government requirements which vary throughout Australia from state-to-state. In Queensland for example, if the total value of the construction project exceeds $11,000 then an individual who is not a registered builder must complete and owner builder course through the relevant state government department.

Kit Homes Queensland can assist you with completion of the government requirements. The Owner Builder Course can be completed by correspondence or in a classroom situation. The course can be completed in one weekend!

What am I responsible for?

Ask the friendly staff at Kit Homes Queensland for a copy of kit home owners check list which shows you exactly what your areas of responsibility are.

Why build in steel?

Steel is: fire resistant; totally termite resistant; does not twist, shrink or bend like pine/timber; light-weight particularly compared to timber frames; and is ideal for use on sloping sites.

What types of steel frames are supplied?

Flat packed or assembled zincalume Bluescope steel frames backed by a 50 year guarantee.

How long does it take to make a kit home?

Allow five (5) to eight (8) weeks for a standard kit home. Difficult designs may take longer.


We know you will have more questions in addition to those raised above.

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What is included in my Kit Home ? 

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