Types Of Kit Homes


We are a bit obsessed with kit homes, why? It's not due to the fact that they are much better than custom built houses or even because they can be less costly than custom or off-the-plan houses. It's due to the fact that they are still under-rated. Unfortunately, kit homes still experience  a reputation as  “low-cost” houses that all look alike. When we consider a kit home, too frequently we think about a small rectangle-shaped structure that is only suitable for use as a granny flat and not as a home. A look at the types of kit homes offered on the market today should set the record straight.

Exactly what is a home? It is a dwelling made up of a series of interconnected rooms. A residence can be constructed from variety of materials and clad and painted to give it a distinct appearance and design. That's exactly what a kit home is as well. While you can choose a kit home from a plan, you're not necessarily limited to the plan and have dozens of design alternatives to pick from. Depending upon the kit home manufacturer you select, some of your choices can include:

·         Custom room layouts and sizes to match your way of living.

·         Energy-efficiency choices such as passive solar design or solar panels.

·         Timber or metal framework materials.

·         Roof colour and products choices.

·         Brick veneer, wood, timber-look, fibre-cement or metal cladding.

·         Home designs varying from modern minimalist to traditional or Federation styles.

·         Two storey kit homes are available from some suppliers.

·         A kit home can be constructed from an architect's or drafter's plans.

Add a range of patio area and veranda options and some landscaping and you can see why the most significant distinction between a kit home and a custom built house is just in the name.

Kit homes are simply as customisable internally as they are on the externally. You can select from a wide range of kitchen and bathroom designs or even decide to have an outdoors kitchen company install your cooking area in your finished home. Select your favourite paint colours, flooring materials and other interior products and finishes. In a nutshell, kit home builders provide a variety of stylish standard inclusions for your convenience or you can customise your interior to suit your individual needs.

Kit homes are as well-constructed as custom-made houses, too. They have to be, since they are subject to the exact same high Australian Standards as all other houses are. They need to go through the building inspection procedure throughout construction in the plant and after shipment.

If you're considering building a brand-new house, don't stay stuck in the past. Think about kit homes as thoroughly as you consider your other options. You could be amazed by exactly what you discover.

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