Quotes For Kit Homes

There’s only way to find out exactly what you’re paying for when you purchase a kit home and that is to contact the manufacturer directly. Begin by choosing the design of the home you want and how much of the home you want the kit home company to 2complete. Do you want delivery of the frame only or do you want it to be supplied with the materials to lock-up stage? What’s the difference between “lock-up” and a “full” kit? Ask the manufacturer for details and an inclusion list, because some of them differ.

Once the kit home manufacturer knows what you require, they can collect your details and provide you with a quote for delivery only or they may be able to quote for all the building costs and you can then make the comparison with quotes you have received from builders. Your kit home sales rep will be able to provide you with a full list of products and services that are and aren’t included in their base price. However if this isn’t offered don’t be afraid to ask about anything you’re unsure of.

So now you can see that the question, “How much does a kit home cost?” is not as simply answered as “How much does a new car cost?” You need to do your homework initially, just as you do when getting quotes for fully-built homes. The advantages of building a kit home, makes some investigation worthwhile. Not only can they can save you thousands but they also drastically reduce construction time, as well as many other advantages. There are so many styles of kit homes available so there is no need to sacrifice style or quality

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