Design Your Own Kit Home

With Kit Homes Queensland, you can adjust any of our designs – so you get more for your money. Our approach is to provide more design flexibility, it’s important to us that you are happy with the end result.d0c62a0dcf

This makes Kit Homes Queensland unique!

Virtually everything is possible.

Every Kit Homes Queensland is 100 % flexible and only limited by your creativity, imagination and budget. Once you’ve picked your preferred Kit Homes Queensland design, our staff can assist you to add any personal touches if required.

As part of our service, to you, you can use our draftsman to customize any existing Kit Homes Queensland plan. This helps you determine, in advance, exactly what your options are – what your kit home will cost you and whether you are within your budget.

You can make changes to any external or internal feature – for instance by changing a Gable to a Hip Roof and even a Flat Roof.

Inside, you can alter the standard ceiling height; or the room layouts can be modified; or maybe you’d love to add a breakfast bar or French doors; extend the rumpus room or move internal walls to create the ideal space for your needs.

With Kit Homes Queensland – the response to nearly any design alteration is” YES” – now what’s your question?

You can start with a blank piece of paper and your site’s dimensions and our design team will help you from there. Or you could choose a section from one of our standard plans and combine it with one or even more different Kit Homes Queensland designs – to make your dream home.

Whenever we produce a new or partly new design, our staff liaise with our production team to guarantee the designs are achievable. We then assess the design for energy-efficiency. That way you avoid potential building or other issues and cost blow outs due to design deficiencies.

Bring your ideas to Kit Homes Queensland – we’ll help turn them into reality…

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