Definition Of A Kit Home

If you are considering building a new home, regardless of how big or small, a kit home might simply be the way to go. However exactly what is a kit home and why should you think about building one? Read on for everything you have to understand.7bfa2b8c85

A kit home can be best defined as a home where the majority of the significant elements such as the framing is prefabricated in a manufacturing facility then delivered to your site where it is put together. It resembles putting a big "kit" together hence the name. The frame of the kit home is made from either treated pine or steel, dependent on the design of the home, your personal choice, and your budget.

Advantages of Kit Homes

There are numerous advantages of kit homes that can make them an outstanding choice for you. These include:

Very economical-- kit homes are much cheaper than other equivalents to both purchase and construct

It is possible to put up the kit home yourself as an owner builder (saving you money on paying for builders).

There is an abundant variety of designs readily available and you also have the option to personalize a design or totally custom design your home altogether.

You have a selection of cladding options such as brick, weatherboards, concrete panels, render and so on.

Kit homes are extremely energy efficient as the frames are made from sustainable treated pine or entirely recyclable steel.

You receive full support through every phase of the structure process.

Selecting a Kit Home

If you are thinking of selecting a kit home for your next house, the great news is that there is a large range of choices available. You can select from granny flats, villas, single or double storey houses, with a standard pitched roof, flat roof, or a sloped roof as you desire. There are many individual home styles such as chalets, country, contemporary or modern style, Federation or Colonial style, beach design, Queenslander and many more.

Kit Home Inclusions.

Many kit home builders will have an extensive list of inclusions but know that not all kit home suppliers will include the same things. For example some will include floor coverings, cabinetry, doors, and air con in the quote, while others will not. That’s why you should work out precisely what is included so that you can budget for any necessary extras that you may need to make your home liveable. No-one wants a finished home that has bare floorboards or concrete!

It’s also important to note that lots of kit home contractors or suppliers will not include transport and shipping charges, construction labour, site works, council charges, or the cost of lodging plans in their overall quote so you should allow for this in your budget.

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