Types Of Kit Homes


We are a bit obsessed with kit homes, why? It's not due to the fact that they are much better than custom built houses or even because they can be less costly than custom or off-the-plan houses. It's due to the fact that they are still under-rated. Unfortunately, kit homes still experience  a reputation as  “low-cost” houses that all look alike. When we consider a kit home, too frequently we think about a small rectangle-shaped structure that is only suitable for use as a granny flat and not as a home. A look at the types of kit homes offered on the market today should set the record straight.

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Quotes For Kit Homes

There’s only way to find out exactly what you’re paying for when you purchase a kit home and that is to contact the manufacturer directly. Begin by choosing the design of the home you want and how much of the home you want the kit home company to 2complete. Do you want delivery of the frame only or do you want it to be supplied with the materials to lock-up stage? What’s the difference between “lock-up” and a “full” kit? Ask the manufacturer for details and an inclusion list, because some of them differ.

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Mistakes In Design Of Kit Homes

The 1st big mistake: Not orientating living spaces to the North.



This is the biggest mistake most people make when designing their home. There is nothing worse than living in a home that is cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

Ideally if you can have all rooms facing north you will be able to have perfect sun for every room in the house but if you are restricted by a suburban block the following rules generally apply.

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Kit Homes Cost Effective?

You wish to construct a brand-new house, but you do not have an endless spending plan and are trying to find the most cost imagereliable solution to home building. You search for the available options and discover that some businesses offer kit homes for sale. Exactly what are kit homes? Are kit homes the cost effective solution you’re trying to find? Can you construct the home you desire from a kit or are your design alternatives limited?Read More

Design Your Own Kit Home

With Kit Homes Queensland, you can adjust any of our designs – so you get more for your money. Our approach is to provide more design flexibility, it’s important to us that you are happy with the end result.d0c62a0dcf

This makes Kit Homes Queensland unique!

Virtually everything is possible.

Every Kit Homes Queensland is 100 % flexible and only limited by your creativity, imagination and budget. Once you’ve picked your preferred Kit Homes Queensland design, our staff can assist you to add any personal touches if required.Read More

Definition Of A Kit Home

If you are considering building a new home, regardless of how big or small, a kit home might simply be the way to go. However exactly what is a kit home and why should you think about building one? Read on for everything you have to understand.7bfa2b8c85

A kit home can be best defined as a home where the majority of the significant elements such as the framing is prefabricated in a manufacturing facility then delivered to your site where it is put together. It resembles putting a big "kit" together hence the name. The frame of the kit home is made from either treated pine or steel, dependent on the design of the home, your personal choice, and your budget.

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